We offer on-farm accommodation for our seasonal staff.

The cost to stay in our on-farm accommodation is $10 per person per day.  We offer a 30% refund on your accommodation cost at the end of the season if you meet certain criteria (such as staying until the end of your contract).  These fees cover utilities (water, electricity, propane, and internet), but do not cover cleaning.  You and your housemates will be expected to do regular chores to keep the accommodation clean.

A damage deposit of $100 is required upon acceptance of the employment offer in order to secure your spot.  This deposit is refundable after your departure provided that you work more than 2 weeks, have left the accommodation clean, have not caused any damage, and have removed all your personal items from farm property.

Our accommodations include a modular building which can accommodate up to ten people in five bedrooms with two single beds in each room.  The building has 3 bathrooms with a common kitchen and living space.  This building has two sets of washing machines and dryers and is equipped with air conditioning.

We also have an older picker’s house which can accommodate up to 5 people in three rooms.  This house has one bathroom.  The house does not have air conditioning or a washer and dryer.

While we will try to accommodate requests to share rooms, we cannot make guarantees in advance.